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5 Best AI video generators tested and compared

Hence, you will have all the resources you need for your campaigns. Once you finish editing your video, you can easily render, download, or share your video. The rendering process is swifter than most video makers I have used. I have not encountered any technical issues throughout the editing process.

A generative AI platform will supercharge the success of the popular content because creators will be supercharged with the help of algorithmic recommendations on what to make next. At the same time the much lower barriers to creation will improve the profitability of the remainder. No human-driven platform has yet overcome both of these challenges. Generative AI will change what video content to produce, how to produce it, and whom to show it to, ushering in an altogether new kind of AI-enabled platform. “Usually, our colleagues don’t jump in the air when they hear e-learning, but the AI videos created with Synthesia have sparked motivation that we haven’t seen before.” All you have to do is input your text, choose a template and an avatar, then watch DeepBrain AI create a stunning video for you in a few minutes.

Personalize Videos For Who You Are

You can directly record video from your camera into the platform either the classic way or with a teleprompter, helping you stick to the script without having to dart your eyes off the frame. Putting together a script, getting all the footage, and editing everything to perfection—or as close as possible—can eat up enormous chunks of your time. “Writer stands out as a company in the incredibly noisy world of AI that has Yakov Livshits a clear, proven business model, traction with leading global enterprise customers and strong revenue growth. May, Waseem, and their team are building something truly unique and we are excited to partner with them as Writer grows in Europe,” said Rana Yared, general partner at Balderton Capital. Previously, Firefly was available only in beta versions of the software, and Adobe forbade its use in commercial projects.

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In addition to video, it provides AI-generation modules for text, logos, and designs such as ads or brochures. If your needs extend to any of these other areas, the $29/month price starts looking more reasonable. Its ability to generate content in 27 languages and its choice of 15 interface languages could also broaden the appeal.


These deep generative models were the first able to output not only class labels for images, but to output entire images. Yes, there are a few AI tools out there that generate videos. See how generative AI simplifies video production and helps you create high-quality videos at scale.

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We know our many millions of users will love using this new feature, enhancing their experience even further. Reduce the cost and hassle of video production, at scale, in over 100 languages, with zero technical knowledge. Use the latest generative AI tools to create talking avatars at a click of a button using the Creative Reality™ Studio. Chat.D-ID is a web app that uses real-time face animation and advanced text-to-speech to create an immersive and human-like conversational AI experience. The free video generator allows you to play around with generative AI by typing in text and generating a video in a few minutes.

Video related applications

Since the main parts are these videos are unbundled or able to be tweaked and edited separately, Synthesia does offer a surprising amount of customization. And if you’d like to take things a step further, you can even train the AI on your own custom avatar, though note that this costs $1000/year per avatar, so it isn’t cheap. We believe AI can provide value when used thoughtfully and responsibly. With new developments in the field from Open AI like ChatGPT, there is a new frontier of possibility when it comes to video editing. We’re excited to bring the power of GPT-4 to Kapwing, but if you have other ideas or suggestions for how AI can help you, we’d love to hear them.

Zoom rebrands existing — and intros new — generative AI features – TechCrunch

Zoom rebrands existing — and intros new — generative AI features.

Posted: Tue, 05 Sep 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Sometimes the first tier (around $25) offers a rich assortment of features; other times, companies really push you to upgrade to a higher level. We evaluated all apps based on their first paid-tier offerings (priced for a month-to-month, rather than annual, subscription). Unlike with other video Yakov Livshits generators, you have full creative control. Make edits to any AI-generated video you get with over 100 features from the built-in video editor. From text-to-audio synthesizers to video generators that transform visuals from one style to another, there’s a huge range of AI tools out there.

Send Gmail emails for new videos ready in Synthesia

This is especially valuable because timely, effective training is proven to have extremely positive effects on retention. According to a LinkedIn study, 94% of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in better training. Soon you’ll be able to show off your AI-generated video to everyone. We’re proud of the work we do and our relationships with our customers.

Here are some of the benefits and limitations of AI tools used to create text, video, images and audio. AI image generators like Dall.E 2, or Stable Diffusion Online and MidJourney draw on the internet’s rich source of photos, illustrations, and graphics to produce new imagery in response to a user’s prompt. While this feature isn’t offered within MidJourney and Stable Diffusion Online as of mid-April 2023, you can import images created on those platforms into Dall.E 2 and manipulate them there.

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